The Origin
- 5 Years in the making -
A brief timeline of how INHABIT came to be

"September 2019 marked the birth of INHABIT"
• 2016

It always starts with a dream, in this case the dream of two people to create a place for impeccable design that gives attention to every detail.

While still working for other companies it was in this time the groundwork was laid to create and realize their vision of a modern design studio.

A firm that does things from start to finish, working on the architectural planning while also thinking and planning the interior spaces. Being involved in the whole process was what guaranteed a successful design outcome.

• 2017-18

Using any free time available to them and still under the former name ASAP Unique Design the first projects were being completed.

Starting off with smaller commercial spaces & apartments the projects soon developed to entire architectural villas and full-blown interior projects.

• 2019

By 2019 it became apparent that it was time to take the next step. This meant quitting all ties to previous workplaces and working fulltime on their own company.
Naturally this couldn't be done alone, but having meet the right people along the way it was time to expand & rebrand. September 2019 marked the birth of INHABIT

• 2020-21

Things took off pretty quickly from there. Although a pandemic was looming the team scouted and selected an office, conducted and complete a full renovation to open the INHABT Headquarters - Marbella.

Never stopping to push projects to their limits the 3-man team soon expanded to 6 people as well. In less than 5 years the company and its team of professionals garnered a global portfolio gaining both national and international attention.
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