Sustainable Architecture
Designing an eco-friendly luxury villa doesn't mean giving up on all your modern convenience – in fact, for us it's quite the opposite. Energy efficiency and luxury
design can go hand-in-hand if they are done in the right way.

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"Energy efficiency & luxury design
can go hand-in-hand if they are done in the right way."
Sustainability in the design world isn't a completely new concept, but the way how we can achieve such sustainability is evolving rapidly. Sustainable homes used to mean small, simple homes designed for minimalist living. That, however, is no longer the case. Many luxury homes are now moving towards energy-efficient technology, not only in the construction and installation of the house, but in its final design as well.

To give you a better understanding how this translates into our day to day we would like to give you a little insight into a luxury villa we are currently building just off the coast of Cadiz. The private residence with nearly 1000 squared meters is a prime example how to successfully marry luxury and environmental friendliness.

Energy efficient design (EED)

Energy efficient design includes a variety of things. To start off, we attached much importance to the design and layout itself, minimizing the energy needs of the house right from the start. This also meant placing high importance on things like insulation to reduce the heat impact of a warm climate. Living in the south of Spain we know how much energy is being used every day just for cooling down houses in the summer.

But not everything revolves around energy. When it came to the design of the roofs, we focused on involving greenery as well as being able to fully recycle all gathered rain and runoff water for the hydration of the garden.

Construction and selection of materials

When it came to choosing materials, we looked at the materials themselves to evaluate their sustainability but also at the production they went through. Besides these two aspects we also tried to source all materials locally or in close proximity to the building site to avoid a bigger environmental impact.

Renewable energies and technological elements

We can't deny the fact that luxury villas in this size need a great amount of energy to sustain themselves. However, thanks to innovative new ideas and technology this problem can be addressed head on. In this villa for example we incorporated the use of solar power among other things in order to supply 90% of its energy demand making the entire house close to being self-sufficient.

In conclusion, an energy-efficient house this size is more than a conversation piece; it promotes an innovative lifestyle that the owners can feel good about. While the house (nearly) powers itself, it simultaneously empowers the owners to live sustainably without forgoing any desired amenities.
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