The private residence is located in a picturesque area just off the 'costa de la Luz' in Spain. Situated on a slope that offers views towards the ocean and Africa the location really was the centre point of inspiration for this renovation.

Private residence
950 sq.m
Zahara, Spain
The initial idea of the project was to renovate and amplify an existing Spanish country house. Throughout the design process the client changed his initial idea for a newly built construction.

Reviewing the brief once more INHABIT and client realized the project was already matching his needs and desires so well that no change would have made sense.

The leitmotiv of the design was to open the house up enhancing its relation with the garden and its panoramic views, making the limits between indoors and outdoors disappear.
Planning the space for a young family meant the spatial composition of the house is a combination of functional interior spaces and an open plan living.

A main goal was to design and build a self-sufficient luxury villa that focused on sustainable and natural finishes. The material choices are all very organic and reflect the natural surroundings of the plot. Corten steel was used in combination with natural stones for the façades of the house and light oak wood carried this concept into the interior.
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