3BAR - Design Week Marbella

This year's Design Week Marbella was undoubtedly an event to remember. We have had the great honor of collaborating with the best in the business to create a truly innovative design for the cocktail bar & restaurant.

Cocktail Bar
145 sq.m
Marbella, Spain
Juanan Barros
According to numerology, the number 3 symbolises creativity, happiness and in general, the enjoyment of life. Since we started developing this space, the number 3 has played a fundamental role in our creative process. The whole concept of the space revolved around three ideas
During our research work, there have been three aspects of Marbella's not so well known history that have caught our attention:

a. The "tribar", one of the prefabricated concrete structures used for the construction of breakwaters, indispensable in our city for the maintenance of our beaches and the marine flora and fauna. The "tribar" has been the pattern that has given rise to the distribution of our space.

b. Iron. When anyone thinks of Marbella, the first thing that comes to mind is the sea or the beach. But iron is a material deeply linked to the history of Marbella since 1826, when the blast furnaces were founded in this town. Iron has been chosen to materialize the "tribars" of our Cocktail Place.

c. Vegetation. What makes Marbella unique and different from any of the main coastal towns in Spain? Undoubtedly the combination of sea and mountain, coast and forest. How many cities in our territory allow you to go from being in the middle of a forest to being on the beach in a matter of minutes?
Yes, sustainability, but well understood, from the most basic and simple concept. We have given importance to many aspects: from looking for partners involved in reducing the CO2 footprint of their manufacturing processes to the use of materials that, during their use in our space at Design Week Marbella, have enjoyed a second life with the prospect of a third, through their recovery and reuse after the event.
Undoubtedly something that has changed our lives in the last two years and that, whether we like it or not, will mark the near future in the way we conceive and design hospitality and public spaces. Our "tribar" structure is designed to optimize space while at the same time making it possible that there is a physical separation between the different tables and the diners.
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